To the victor go the spoils … a heap of ashes

Diana Francis and Andrew Rigby see the appalling tragedy unfolding in Ukraine. Acknowledging the right of Ukrainians to resist the invasion of their country by any means, they make the case for a cessation of military struggle, in favour of civilian-based resistance which might avert the ‘desertification’ of their land, its institutions, its infrastructure and its social fabric.

Roads Not Taken: Poets Rethink Security

How we think about ‘security’, argues Stuart Rees, depends on the language we use to describe it. Speaking up for justice and common humanity is insufficient without recognizing, as many poets have, the cruelty and coercion that characterise the national security approach.

Why I Stopped Being a Zionist

Israeli peace activist Amos Gvirtz explains how he lost faith in the Zionist project that brought his family to the country. He argues that the only way for Israel to find sustainable peace is to embrace the Middle East Peace Plan.