Who we are

Rethinking Security is a network of UK-based organisations, academics and activists. We work for a just and peaceful world, based on approaches that address the underlying causes of conflict and insecurity. We have a shared concern that the current approach to national security in the UK and beyond often hampers efforts for peace, justice and ecological sustainability. We are committed to building a much richer understanding of what security really means, and of what is required to build sustainable security.

If you would like to be involved in efforts to build a new approach to peace and security, based on justice, cooperation and sustainability, we invite you to get involved by becoming an organisational affiliate or an individual supporter.

We are delighted that the following organisations are part of our network as members:

Campaign Against Arms Trade, Campaign For Nuclear Disarmament, Conciliation Resources, Forces Watch, International Alert, Medact, Movement for the Abolition of War, Northern Friends Peace Board, Peace Direct, Quaker Peace And Social Witness, Quaker Asylum and Refugee Network, Saferworld, Scientists for Global Responsibility, United Nations Association – UK, War on Want.

Our work also benefits substantially from the active participation of academics from the universities of Bradford, Coventry, Kent, LSE, Oxford Brookes, Sussex and York.

Rethinking Security was formerly known as the Ammerdown Group, taking its name from the Ammerdown Centre, where the network has met to review and plan its work.

How we work

The Rethinking Security Council is responsible for developing the overall vision and strategy of our work. The Steering Group, which is drawn from the Council, is responsible for overseeing operational decisions based on the strategy. The Coordinator is responsible for coordinating day-to-day activities. Rethinking Security is grateful to Saferworld for acting as the organisational host.

Council members: Gabrielle Aron, Larry Attree, Philip Austin, Kirsten Bayes, Sebastian Brixey-Williams, Ivan Campbell, Kit Dorey, Teresa Dumasy, David Forbes, Diana Francis, Joanna Frew, David Gee, Kate Hudson, Gill Hurle, Sarah Lasoye, David Mackenzie, Leonie Mills-Woanya, Stuart Parkinson, Richard Reeve, Lucy Roberts, Paul Rogers, Patricia Sellick, Luke Starr, Enyseh Teimory, Hannah Ward.

Steering Group members: Gabrielle Aron, Kirsten Bayes, Kit Dorey, Joanna Frew, Leonie Mills-Woanya, Richard Reeve, Enyseh Teimory.

Coordinator: Richard Reeve

Outreach Coordinator: Joanna Frew

Policy and Communications Officer: Leonie Mills-Woanya

Academic Outreach Coordinator: Larry Attree

Financial support

We are grateful to the Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust, the Marmot Charitable Trust, the Polden Puckham Charitable Foundation, the Network for Social Change and the WF Southall Trust for their generous support of our work.



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