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For Upper Key Stage 2.

This participatory resource introduces the concept of security from an individual, societal and global perspective. It encourages children to think about what the causes of insecurity could be—such as poverty, injustice and climate change—and to understand that there are positive ways of building a safer, more secure world.

The Assembly Plan and Resource Sheets 1–3 have been grouped into one document; Resource Sheet 4 has been kept separate as this needs to be printed multiple times.

The resource was developed by Karenza Mahtani, a UKS2 Primary School teacher. Karenza has a degree in politics and experience of working with development and peacebuilding organisations, including campaigns on conflict mineral legislation and human trafficking.

To use this resource, download:

  1. Assembly Plan and Resource Sheets 1, 2 and 3 (Word, 1.5 MB)
  2. UKS2 Assembly Presentation (Powerpoint, 10 MB) [or as a PDF, 2 MB: UKS2 Assembly Presentation]

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