Ecological sustainability

Check out the climate change class activities and other resources from Practical Action and School Science, WWF‘s resources on protecting the planet, and primary-level resources on food security and sustainable development at the STEM learning site.

Armed conflict and militarism

Oxfam has produced lesson plans for 14–17 year olds on armed conflict, the arms trade, how positive change happens, militarism, and campaigning.

Reboot the Future and Amnesty have resources on the conflict in the Middle East; peace, conflict and security; Syria; drone warfare and refugees and the arms trade.

Human rights and justice

Educate Together and the Equality and Human Rights Commission both have resources on human rights.

Budget for a Safer World

And here’s a lesson plan covering a wide range of global issues, produced by the Quakers.

Peace Education Network

The Peace Education Network has a wide range of resources for all ages.


Assembly resources

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Citizenship curriculum