Solidarity and Self-Definition: Can research processes build peace and security?

Understanding the lived experience of marginalised people in situations of violence and insecurity is vital for peace and conflict policy-makers and practitioners, but can being involved in participatory research also contribute to the well-being of conflict-affected people? Four Yezidi women from northern Iraq here reflect on their research into their own experience of and response to insecurity.

Building Peace Together in Schools

The time for rethinking security in the classroom is now. With 'conventional wisdom' failing to set sustainable approaches to security, Isabel Cartwright makes the case for peace education and a relational approach to education that focuses on inclusion, equity and guardianship of the earth.

Where’s the space for local ownership? A response to the 2022 UK International Development Strategy

The UK government's long-awaited International Development Strategy makes the case for a competitive geopolitical approach to development assistance centred on British priorities, interests and 'expertise'. Kit Dorey argues that this approach is another missed opportunity to decolonise the 'aid system', prioritise local agendas and knowledge, and create transformative change.