Reinterpreting Security through Images and Stories

After hearing how well the photovoice methods used by our Alternative Security Review research partners at Coventry University worked, Rethinking security’s Outreach Coordinator ran a similar project called Visualising Security with our supporters and friends. The results are now on our website. Here, Joanna Frew provides a personal reflection on the project and its findings. … Continue reading Reinterpreting Security through Images and Stories

The State of Human Security in the UK

Rethinking Security hosted a series of roundtable discussions with civil society groups throughout 2022. We shared some reflections on the blog during the discussions and we are now publishing the full report. It is available to download and here Joanna Frew share a summary of the discussions.

The Urgent Need to Reclaim Security – Join the discussion next week

As Rethinking Security enters the final stages of the Alternative Security Review and we look towards the publication of our Human Security Strategy for the UK, we begin a webinar series on Weds 8th Nov to explore why this is necessary and what human security looks like globally, for communities and for individuals. Read on … Continue reading The Urgent Need to Reclaim Security – Join the discussion next week

The Meaning of the Jenin Raid

The recent Israeli military operation in the Jenin camp marks a change and escalation in Israel’s tactics in the West Bank as it tries to control Palestinian responses to the recent rapid expansion of Jewish settlements in the occupied territory, writes Paul Rogers. 

A British police officer stands guard at Dungeness on the southeast coast of England on June 15, 2022 as migrants disembark from a lifeboat

Security and the Politics of Exclusion

If security is such a broad concept, why does security policy so often seek to exclude the most vulnerable from protection? Leonie Mills-Woanya looks at the UK’s approach to international development, border control and policing and finds it consciously polarising and exclusive, not so much from a lack of resources as a lack of political will.