Pulling up the Drawbridge on Fortress Britain

Government policy and practice consistently treat asylum and migration as security issues to be tackled via hard borders and military enforcement. Libby Ruffle describes how, in its Nationality and Borders Bill, the government is closing the door on those risking their lives in dangerous channel crossings in a desperate search for safety from war and repression.

Open Society, Closed Conversations: External Consultation and the Integrated Review

This briefing paper from Rethinking Security and UNA-UK compares the external consultation processes of the recent Integrated Review with previous UK security reviews. It aims to inform better practice and contribute to Rethinking Security’s Alternative Security Review project.

Tax Justice: Securing a Fairer Future

The current pandemic has exacerbated huge inequalities in human security in the UK, says Bryn Lauder. Rebuilding a more generous, equal and compassionate society demands tax justice reforms that spread responsibilities fairly, tax wealth, tackle tax dodging and prioritise the needs of the Global South.