Engineers’ Choices: Disarmament by design

Designing weapons is a lucrative career choice for many engineers, but comes with deadly and destabilising consequences. Roger Orpwood argues for an ethical approach to engineering and explores some options for dis-incentivising the development of new weapons technologies.

Making a Noise about the Quiet Return of Arms Fairs

After a year of cancellations due to the COVID pandemic, thousands of arms dealers and military representatives from across the world once again travelled to the UK to attend a string of arms fairs in the autumn. Kirsten Bayes from CAAT, was part of supporting the resistance to them and argues that now more than ever we need to highlight the insecurity they breed.

Who Pays the Price for UK National Security Policy in Saudi Arabia?

For Ameen Nemer, a human rights activist from Saudi Arabia, the UK’s relationship with the Saudi government has come at a cost. Filmed last year, Rethinking Security’s interview with Ameen is released this week, amid increasing public concern about the continuing arms trade between the two nations. In this special blog post, he tells us why it’s time to rethink security.