Using photography and discussion, Visualising Security allows communities and individuals across the UK to express their own priorities for security and contribute to the Alternative Security Review.

Launched at an excellent webinar with fantastic contributors who shared their own images, the project ran through spring and summer 2023.

These images will be brought together in an online gallery (and hopefully some physical exhibitions!) as part of the Alternative Security Review, bringing people’s stories into the spotlight as we advocate for security based on inclusion, sustainability and equality.

Rethinking Security, member organisations and local supporters held small group discussions to gather security concerns from a wide range of people in an accessible way.

Our safety and security matter but governments often define ‘security’ in narrow, militaristic terms. They don’t often ask what the people they represent feel about their security. We should all have our say in what makes us feel secure. Images allow people who might never been asked what is important for their security to represent their own ideas.

Although the contributions for the Alternative Security Review are closed, if you like the idea and want to use the resources, you can find them below. We would welcome your images and reflections.


Visualising Security can be carried out locally, with a particular group, online or in person.

The concept is simple: gather a group of people, ask them to take a photo of what security means to them and then bring them together to discuss the images. Find out how to do this in our How to Guide.

It is based on a research method, called photovoice, that Coventry University’s CTPSR research team, who are partnering with Rethinking Security on the Alternative Security Review, used as part of the research and data collection. It uncovered some profound and important perspectives on what makes people feel secure that don’t normally feature in security policy.

Support and Resources

You can find all you need here to help you take part in the project. From a short video you can share, a How to Guide put together by our research partners at Coventry University, to monthly online sessions, we hope these resources will support you in taking part. The link to the online portal and consent forms can also be found below.

If you have any questions or want someone from Rethinking Security to discuss this with you, please feel free to contact Jo, at any point.

How to Guide

The research team have put together and simple and straightforward How to Guide about the photovoice method we are using for Visualising Security. You can read it below or download a PDF here.

Upload your images and consent forms

We have created a secure online space for you to upload your own and your participants images. You can also add explanation notes about the images, discussion notes, audio (if you have it) and consent forms.

Talk to Us!

We are happy to answer any questions or come to events. Just contact Jo,

Thank you participating in the Visualising Security project. Photovoice is a recognised way of allowing people of all backgrounds and abilities have their say, in a way that can sometimes say so much more than words.

We believe that allowing people to define how they see (in)security will be a powerful way of sharing concerns about safety and security as part of the Alternative Security Review and we are excited about seeing what is contributed to this project.

We hope you find that the images and discussions are useful locally, too, and spark some meaningful conversations that you can develop in to something more.