Rethinking Security aims to generate public and political debate in the UK about what security is and how it is best created. We challenge the shortcomings of existing assumptions and approaches, and explore and promote alternative routes to human and planetary security.

A big conversation needs all of us, so whether you represent an organisation, a local community, faith or activist group, or are a concerned individual, we’d love you to join us.

Supporters use Rethinking Security resources to learn about and raise awareness of the assumptions, interests and values that underpin current security policy. This might support other work for peace and justice they are involved in, by providing a framework through which understand how some issues are connected and how challenging militarised security can help progress on many issues. Or, it might be to support a specific interest in security.

You’ll find plenty of resources here, from Organising a Group Conversation to using images in our Visualising Security project.

Current Activities

Visualising Security

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A human security project for the UK and beyond

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A facilitation guide for local conversations

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Work that Rethinks Security

Rethinking Security is a network of members organisations, academics and activists. Find out what some our members do for sustainable peace and security, challenging the UK government’s militarised ‘security’ at home and abroad.

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