Rethinking Security: An introduction

‘Re-imagining security’: a TEDx talk (2016)

Celia McKeon asks the audience to consider what we mean by security and how we build it. Does it depend on automatic weapons and razor wire, or are there are other ways in which we can build a more peaceful and just world?


Leaflet: Rethinking security (2018)

Download a leaflet about Rethinking Security and how to get involved.


Leaflet: Brexit / global Britain (2019)

Download our leaflet on Brexit Britain and global security.

‘The Ammerdown Invitation’ (2014)

In 2014 the Rethinking Security group (then called the Ammerdown Group) set out to start a public conversation to build a new vision of security. The Ammerdown Invitation, the first document of the project, sets out some initial thoughts about what this might involve and invites you to join the conversation. The summary version is followed by questions for reflection, and is a useful resource for starting a group discussion.


Download The Ammerdown Invitation
Download The Ammerdown Invitation – Summary

‘Rethinking Security: A discussion paper’ (2016)

This long discussion paper (90 pages, with separate executive summary) provides an evidence-based critique of the UK’s national security strategy. It analyses the features of an outmoded narrative, and suggests the principal reasons for this failure to adapt. The paper goes on to outline some principles for a new approach to security, the shift in priorities that would be required, and the practical ways in which a new approach might be applied to current security challenges. We welcome feedback.


Download Rethinking Security: A Discussion Paper
Download Rethinking Security: A Discussion Paper – Executive Summary

Further information

‘Universal Basic Income, Human Security & Grand Strategies’ (2018)

This paper by Prof Andrew Rigby explores the potential role of universal basic income (UBI) in contributing to the everyday security of citizens. It considers dynamics of domestic insecurity in the context of ‘grand strategy’ and provides an overview of historic and current proposals relating to UBI. It cites cases of UBI pilot projects, as well as reviewing the main critiques, arguing that consideration of such ideas and models are vital to our efforts to rethink security.


Download Universal Basic Income, Human Security & Grand Strategies

‘Rethinking security’ podcast: More about why we need a new approach (2017)

Listen to this podcast for Quakers in Britain to find out more about Rethinking Security: who we are, what we’re doing, and why…

‘Redefining security: Lessons from public health’ (2015)

In this article published in the journal Medicine, Conflict and Survival, Prof Andrew Rigby asks what the history of the Public Health Act of 1848 can teach today’s movement for a new approach to global security.


Download Redefining security: Lessons from public health