Latest news

Rethinking Security at Chiswick Churches for Justice and Peace meeting (October 2017)

Celia McKeon spoke alongside the journalist and broadcaster Peter Oborne at the annual public “Peace In War” event in Chiswick, West London.

New poll shows majority of UK public support peacebuilding (September 2017)

Learn more about the results of an opinion poll commissioned by our organisational affiliate, Conciliation Resources, exploring public attitudes to peacebuilding in the UK, the US and Germany.

Lessons on counter-terror and countering violent extremism (July 2017)

Our organisational affiliate, Saferworld, published an overview of their research on current counter-terrorism, countering violent extremism (CVE) and stabilisation approaches, and examines strategic and practical options for improving them.

Rethinking Security parliamentary briefing April 2017

Download our new parliamentary briefing on UK security policy for an analysis of current shortcomings in government policy and key questions for political parties to consider.

Key questions on security for parliamentary hustings during General Election 2017

New for the UK General Election 2017: Do you want to encourage your parliamentary candidates to talk about their views on security? This one-minute animation has some suggestions of key questions to ask.

Trump, Security and Muslims – event organised in collaboration with Jawaab

The Ammerdown Group is working with the grassroots youth movement, Jawaab, to host a workshop on 8th March, exploring responses to the new US President and his policies.

Rethinking security in a violent world – lecture by Celia McKeon

Celia McKeon will give a lecture on rethinking security on Wednesday 1st March as part of the University of Kent at Canterbury’s Politics and International Relations Public Speaker Programme.

Bath Stop War Rethinking Security series – talk by Natalie Bennett

Natalie Bennett speaks at Bath Friends Meeting House on Wednesday 22nd February 2017 on the theme “In the age of Trump, how can the UK work for a safer world?”

Stop Trump – definitely! But then what?

This article, published by openDemocracy on 21st February 2017, argues that resisting Trump should include asking the UK government to review its global security alliances.

UK National Security Strategy: security for whom?

This article, published by openDemocracy on 15th December 2016, considers the flaws in and omissions from the UK government’s recent annual report on its National Security Strategy and Strategic Security and Defence Review.

Uncomfortable assumptions on security: the UK vote on support for Saudi Arabia

This article, originally published by openDemocracy on 3rd November 2016, analyses the assumptions, interests and priorities that drive the UK establishment’s responses to the crisis in Yemen, and to contemporary security challenges more generally.

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