Brexit, ‘global Britain’, and the UK’s place in the world: Key issues for peace and security (2019)

Contrasting narratives: a comparative study of European and North American national security strategies (March 2018)

This study of 20 European and North American national security strategies analyses how states define security and their underlying assumptions about how it is built. It examines how security challenges are analysed and prioritised, and the formulation of strategic responses. Finally, it compares opportunities for democratic participation and oversight in the development and implementation of national security strategies.

Download it here: Contrasting Narratives March 2018

Parliamentary briefings (2017, 2018)

Rethinking Security has published two parliamentary briefings:

  1. Download the June 2017 parliamentary briefing on the shortcomings of the UK security strategy.
  2. Download the March 2018 parliamentary briefing on how the UK security strategy could be re-framed for the shifting global context.

Rethinking Security: A discussion paper (2016)

This 90-page paper provides an evidence-based critique of the UK’s national security strategy. It analyses the features of an outmoded narrative, and suggests the principal reasons for this failure to adapt. The paper goes on to outline some principles for a new approach to security, the shift in priorities that would be required, and the practical ways in which a new approach might be applied to current security challenges.


Rethinking Security: A discussion paper — Executive summary
Rethinking Security: A discussion paper — Full report

Rethinking Security podcast (2017)

In this podcast, the lead author of Rethinking Security, David Gee, presents its key ideas to an audience from humanitarian and development organisations.

Other resources

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Saferworld: ‘Lessons on counter-terror and countering violent extremism’ (2017)

Celia McKeon: ‘Stop Trump – definitely! But then what?’ (2017)

Celia McKeon: ‘UK National Security Strategy: Security for whom?’ (2016)

Celia McKeon: ‘Uncomfortable assumptions on security: the UK vote on support for Saudi Arabia’ (2016)

Prof Andrew Rigby: ‘Redefining security: Lessons from Public Health’ (2015)