This paper summarises key points emerging from a joint roundtable organised in London by Rethinking Security and Bradford University’s Department of Peace Studies and International Development on 20 April 2023 (held under the Chatham House Rule). It draws on specially prepared background papers together with issues, questions and recommendations flagged by government officials, academic experts and civil society practitioners at the event.

The Update to the UK’s Integrated Review of Security, Defence, Development and Foreign Policy was published in March 2023, and yet the UK’s electoral cycle is likely to mean a new iteration of the UK’s national security vision within two years. It is thus an important moment for broadening and enriching debates on the most significant security issues facing the country.

This paper examines: 

  • The UK Government’s Integrated Review Refresh (IRR23)
  • UK engagement strategies in the Indo-Pacific; 
  • European, Atlantic and Eurasian security architectures amid and after the war in Ukraine
  • Future UK responses to instability.

The discussion highlights key points raised in the session by participants drawn from:

China Dialogue
Conciliation Resources
First Call Partners 
Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office
International Institute for Strategic Studies
John Smith Trust
Mercy Corps
Ministry of Defence
Oakwood International Security
Protection Approaches
Rethinking Security
Royal United Services Institute
University of Birmingham
University of Bradford
University of Kent
University of Southampton