While the formal research is being carried out by our research partners at Coventry University’s Centre for Peace, Trust and Social Relations (CTPSR), there are several ways that the public, our members and supporters can contribute to the Alternative Security Review.

By working locally or with a group you are already part of, you can contribute to the Alternative Security Review. Read on to find out how!

Visualising security

Redefining security through images and discussion. Click on the image for more info on how to get involved.

Open Call for Submissions

Click here to answer any or all of the four questions in our Open Call for Evidence about your thoughts on security until July 21st 2023. (See below for full link that you can share with others.)

You are invited to contribute to this public call for evidence that is part of Rethinking Security’s Alternative Security Review. National security consultations often favour ‘expert’ opinion and and can be complicated to complete. The Alternative Security Review is just as interested in ordinary people’s opinions, gathering evidence from as many people as possible across the UK.

The evidence collected through the public call will be analysed by our research partners at Coventry University and used to demonstrate the security concerns of people across the UK. The more submissions, the stronger the evidence base. 

Rethinking Security will incorporate the evidence in to a Human Security Strategy for the UK, stimulating public and policy discussion about whether national security policy is reflective of the issues that make people feel (in)secure.

Here is the long link for sharing: https://coventry.eu.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_0cc2mCqI0G6hpxY

You can also sign up for our newsletter and let us know you are interested. And if you are keen to begin local conversations about human security check our Supporters page for more ideas and resources.