Narrow boat on the river Nene at dusk, Peterborough (Julian Dowes) [detail]

"Fear is a poor foundation for security, and a strategy focused on tackling threats but not their underlying causes is like a course of treatment for symptoms alone."

The current approach to national security is failing us all. We need a different vision. Join a new civic conversation to develop alternatives.

NEW – Rethinking Security: a discussion paper

How do we best build long-term security for people in the UK and worldwide?

  • Across the world, insecurity is growing, affecting everyone, especially the world's poorest but also people in rich countries like the UK.
  • Responses to insecurity, centred on offensive military power and restrictions on civil liberties, are proving ineffective and generating greater insecurity.
  • The greatest threats to our security - climate change, inequality, scarcity, militarism, and violent conflict - are not being addressed.
  • Security is often described as a national duty, but is better seen as a common right. It cannot be gained in one place at the expense of another, nor is it built on dominance, but on the health of our societies. Principles such as these could help to shape better responses to insecurity now, including immediate risks, while also helping to develop the conditions of lasting security over the long-term.
  • But the conversation about 'security' is too narrow: it is dominated by a small and exclusive group, supported by business interests that benefit from the status quo. Building a safer world needs a new approach - and it needs all of us.

Building a new vision of security

The Ammerdown Invitation provides some suggestions on how governments and citizens might begin to turn around the world’s worsening security situation through local, national, and global action. If you would like to contribute to the conversation, please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..